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House of Porchetta

Alex Polizzi (The Hotel Inspector)

We got a call from Channel 5 who were looking for a catering trailer for one of their episodes of Hotel Inspector with the amazing Alex Polizzi!  After a couple who moved back from Italy to Somerset after 30’years, their small cafe was losing money and they were struggling, so to help, Alex commissioned a fully branded and equipped trailer from us to help them take their amazing Italian food offerings on the road.


We were delighted to help and in the episode airing now on Channel 5, you will see our very own Joel deliver the trailer to them, of which they absolutely loved.


They are now out at various events selling their Italian speciality of Pork Porchetta rolls and it’s made a huge difference to their business! We are delighted to be a part of their success! 


Watch now on Channel 5

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